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The COUPGUARD Coupling Guards are the most effective and safe way to protect machinery and rotating equipment used in industries. Couplings and shaft equipment, when in operation, may not be exposed at the risk of causing harm to people, equipment and facilities. The COUPGUARD is installed and mounted on the base to protect the equipment and at the same time allows maintenance procedures when required.

Normally, other available or homemade models do not offer enough security and do not have suitable devices for inspection and maintenance, sometimes leaving the shaft exposed during operation.

The COUPGUARD can be installed on pumps, compressors, fans, electric motors, turbines, paper machines, steel machinery, nomas meet API 610 in all editions, ANSI safety standards and OSHA. Special designs to meet other requirements or standards are available upon request. Mounted on heavy material can withstand impacts up to 900N and prevent contact between the coupling and shaft; supplied with paint and safety inspection door hinge for easy maintenance of the unit.

Adjustable height and length make this device the most versatile on the market, adapting to a wide range of equipment. COUPGUARD guards have a standardized low initial cost and avoid improvised or homemade solutions.

International and National Patent Petrobras, manufactured under license by Lamiflex of Brazil.

Product Features

  • Available in five sizes (CG-100 to CG-500). 
  • Maximum Diameter Shaft to 250mm. 
  • Maximum length up to 700mm. 
  • Galvanized carbon steel body. 
  • Painting in color Safety Orange ABNT / NR 26. 
  • Parties steel fastening high strength and corrosion protection. 
  • Operates in ambient temperatures up to 155ºC. 
  • Radial and axial ventilation. 
  • Adjustable height and length. 
  • Fixing the base by screws or welding. 
  • Optional supply (upon request) or pedestal base prolonging and special sizes.
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