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The ECOBEARING bearing isolator is a revolutionary device which, besides protecting the bearing housing preventing contaminants from entering and lubricating oil from leaking, also stops the circulation of air. The majority of bearing guards utilize the “L” concept, where an external deflector makes the protection against water spray but also causes strong movement of air. The Ecobearing bearing guards are built with a “U” concept, delivering highly efficient internal and external sealing without causing air movement.

Its dimensions are compatible with the models available in the market, so that in the majority of cases it is not necessary to perform any type of machining for installation.

Product Features

  • Zero leakage
  • No contact, no friction, no heating, no wear, even during operation
  • Protection of the environment, emission and leakage control
  • Increases bearings’ useful life
  • Static and dynamic sealing

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Lamiflex Ecobearing Bearing Isolator
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